A poem/prayer for the descendants of Cain

My heart is heavy with grief this morning. So much fear and hatred. So much violence. From this grief I wrote this poem/prayer:

A poem and prayer for the descendants of Cain:

I watched the video.
Saw his dark face streaked with tears
Of the same color and saltiness as mine.
We are human, he cried. I am a man.

That’s all he was saying. I am. I am.

Perhaps we clutch the cold steel of our weapons so tightly
because we have forgotten
the “I am” within our own souls-
That spaciousness that is God
in us.

We forget,
so we pray and wait passively, helplessly,
for help from above.
When right here right now
Hope is already in the heart that says,

I see you.
And I am, too.

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