what if this was how the Church showed up in the world

What fun! I love this as a metaphor for the Church in this world. All shapes, sizes, stages, talents and stations of life  are welcome. All are dancing in time to the song of the Singer which vibrates through every cell of our bodies and through every fiber of the universe. And anyone can join in if they wish. Unity, joy, freedom, life-giving. Worship. 

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  • chrisd

    That was so GREAT!!!

  • Aram

    What struck me was how this is the exact opposite of terrorism. A stunning, unexpected jolt of LIFE.

  • Denisa

    I liked how people kept inviting others to join them. It wasn’t about dancing by themselves but inviting others to join them! We need to remember this that the church isn’t just for us. It’s for inviting others to a relationship with Jesus!

  • Katrina

    We were created to worship and sing and dance and to forget ourselves. Life happens but most of the time we wait for others to remind us. How freeing when we can forget who we think we are and dance and sing and shout in who we were created as.

  • Barb Dokter

    a special, joyful moment. Heart stirring, to be sure… 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

  • David Shepherd

    Just what I needed this morning… Thanks for finding beauty tucked away in corners and then sharing it with your friends.

  • deb

    I would say unbelievable… but I do believe !

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